CBD roll-ons are typically made to assist relieve tense muscles all over the body. Applying the product to the skin can help relieve sore spots.  

CBD Roll On consists of a small-ish tube containing CBD extract and other nourishing ingredients. The roller ball atop the tube dispenses the CBD product as you apply it to the skin.

Our CBD roll-on at Kadii is made with a blend of essential oils. Experts say these essential oils possess calming and restorative qualities, elevating our pleasure to new heights!

Where do I put the CBD roll on?

Limit your application of the CBD roll-on to trouble spots on your body. You should roll the product directly onto the part of your skin or muscle that is causing you irritation. 

When applied to pressure or pulse points, kadii CBD Roll Ons are particularly useful for general use. When we work on certain body parts known as pressure points, they can cause excruciating negative repercussions. The body contains pressure points throughout; consult the diagram below to locate them. Pulse points, where you feel your pulse, are easier to find. The inside wrist or the side of the neck are two examples. These places have blood vessels closer to the skin’s surface, which means the product may work better there. Essentially, this suggests that the product absorbs more effectively. Aromatherapists have practiced this method for years.

Using a CBD roll-on also has the added benefit of the roller ball’s massaging properties. 

Does CBD roll on really work?

The trick with using kadii products is trying to find the best way for the cannabidiol (CBD) to get into your system and have an effect. If you seek to address mood, sleep, anxiety, heart health, or other internal functions with CBD, Kadii topicals may not suit your needs best. You would want to opt for kadii oil, edibles, or e-liquid in this case.

However, CBD topicals might be appropriate for you if you were looking to utilize CBD for concerns related to soreness in your muscles, or skin difficulties. Because of the manner which products permeate into our skin, topicals can be significantly more effective. The digestive process practically “loses” CBD since CBD oils and edibles must transit through the digestive system to enter the bloodstream. This implies that the CBD’s potency will decrease. Less CBD is lost when using topicals because the product does not need to be digested or go through any of these processes.

Studies indicate that CBD possesses potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. This suggests that it might aid in easing tension brought on by the joints and muscles. The most effective treatment for these issues is CBD roll-on. Because of its anti-oxidant qualities, CBD topicals may help reduce the signs and symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

Topicals containing CBD function by penetrating the skin and interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This system, which includes natural cannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors, is found throughout the entire body. The skin has these receptors as well. It is believed that by boosting our body’s cannabinoid content, CBD consumption can improve the efficiency of our current system. The endocannabinoid system controls a wide range of biological processes, such as emotion, sleep, and more. Therefore, applying topicals containing CBD may enhance the skin’s cannabinoid receptors’ ability to function, enhancing our body’s reaction to. 

Previously indicated, Kadii topicals act with CBD bypassing the need for absorption or bloodstream entry. This reduces CBD loss, enhancing effectiveness. This could make the product more effective. It enables us to benefit as much as possible from the CBD we are purchasing.

Can I put CBD on an open wound?

Studies have indicated that CBD may possess potent therapeutic effects. According to this, CBD may have sterilizing properties, encourage the proliferation of skin cells, and offer antibacterial defense as the skin heals. Because of its antibacterial qualities, CBD may be a very useful tool for promoting the healing of wounds.

On the other hand, we would advise against using the CBD roll on a recently opened wound. We have not created the product with any bad impacts in mind, even if those are unlikely to occur. The roller ball applicator could inadvertently transmit bacteria, or the other chemicals and essential oils could have unfavorable consequences. To aid in the restoration of sore, damaged, or cracked skin, we do advise applying our CBD topicals to the affected area. But the CBD salve might be a superior choice for this purpose. 

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