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The Kadii mission is to help golfers improve their game by taking care of the mind and body – before, during, and after play. Our brand will find success through consumer education, transparent operations, and the sale of quality products.


Husband and wife team, Arthur & Valorie Young set out to create Kadii (pronounced Ka-dee) on the heels of their parent brand, Uncle Yogi’s, thinking they had already forged ahead through the apparent minefields that come with starting a CBD company!  Well…there were more!  Kadii has had its share of growing pains, but armed with grit and determination, Art and Val have pushed through to create one of the premiere CBD brands for active and armchair athletes!

Now 2 years in, we’ve grown into an all natural CBD company where those early ambitions hold true!


Art and Val jump on a call with the marketing team at Wick & Mortar to flesh out Uncle Yogi’s and the idea for Kadii was born! They fly out to Seattle to go to a 4/20 golf tournament that was every bit as crazy as you would think it would be. While out there, they connect with some great minds in the industry and after months of thinking of a name, the logo process begins and by the end of 2021…Kadii is born!


Kadii partners with a manufacturer to come up with custom formulations with the athlete in mind. Once the products are complete, they are sent off to have their COAs (certificates of analysis) done and the company that was hired sends back some bogus COAs! They find a NEW company down in FL and Hurricane Ian hit. The labs sustained some damage so they wait…and wait…


Art and Val have their NEW marketing team rocking and rolling. They have sales! They have products and things are looking up! Watch out world!

Arthur & Valorie

The Founders of kadii

Arthur Young is the co-founder of KADII and has been there from its genesis.  His many years of experience in the golf industry has proven to be an invaluable asset as KADDI focuses on the athlete and golfer in particular. Building relationships in both the golf and cannabis industry is the most important aspect of the job.

Valorie Young is not only the Co-Founder of Kadii, but she is also a Realtor with eXp Realty, real estate investor and mother of two.  She was a lacrosse player at UVA in her early years and had a horrific accident her 2nd year in college where she broke her back among other things.  Valorie’s a survivor and her experiences along with her losses are what have pushed her to create a company that provides products that are all natural and free of harsh chemicals.  It is a mission that speaks to her and to many others that look for natural alternatives.

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